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Strategic, Creative Media Production

I grew up in Charlottesville, Virginia and developed a passion for sports watching athletes at the University of Virginia. I attended Cornell University as an undergraduate student where I studied Sociology and Business. I then attended the University of Virginia as a graduate student where I studied Marketing and Business Strategy.  


I developed a passion for video production as a young kid, but ultimately developed my skills at Cornell University where I worked as a video production assistant for both creative communications and broadcasting for Cornell Athletics.

From there I began to freelance for clubs, businesses and individuals and did everything from flying drones to filming docuseries. I enjoy every learning opportunity I can get my hands on and have rarely turned a project idea down. 


My Time as an Athlete

After playing every sport I could fit into my schedule growing up, I went on to play polo in college.


First, playing and captaining the women's varsity team at Cornell University, and then as a graduate student went on to play with the reigning national champions at the University of Virginia. 

Despite the challenge of managing a rigorous academic course load, working in media production all while playing a sport, I've always loved being part of a team and putting in the work towards a common goal.

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